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Halfway (at least)


Halfway (at least)


The Ohio State University

April, 2018


Created by: Tom Dugdale & Liam Clancy

Directed by: Tom Dugdale

Performed by: Liam Clancy

Halfway (at least) was a work rooted in the experiences and hopes of an aging dance and theater artist who returns to the most basic elements of live performance to ask questions about how to perform now and in this body. Halfway (at least) explored the simultaneous directions of decline and renewal, the experiences of a performer transitioning from the first part of life to his second. The piece was rooted in Liam's long relationship with improvisation and site-influenced work and was further inspired by Liam's ongoing engagement with the German psychologist Marc Wittmann's research on waiting—specifically, the physiological effect (toll) waiting has (takes) on the mind and body. Embedded in the work was also a meditation and reflection on Pina Bausch's seminal work, Café Müller.